Carmelo Danisi


Carmelo Danisi (PhD) is Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna (Italy). As a young researcher in international and European human rights law, he has been Endeavour Research Fellow at the Australian National University - College of Law and member of the SOGICA research team (ERC project) at the University of Sussex. His research interests and projects are related to human rights, especially to non-discrimination and immigration in the framework of the ECHR and the EU, as well as to Western Sahara.

Recently Published

Taking the ‘Union’ out of ‘EU’: The EU-Turkey Statement on the Syrian Refugee Crisis as an Agreement Between States under International Law

Almost one year after its conclusion, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has eventually made clear the real nature of the 'so-called' EU-Turkey Statement. The 'Statement' is a document that was primarily aimed at preventing irregular migrants reaching the EU from Turkey, and established a resettlement mechanism based on the transfer of one vulnerable Syrian…

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