Başak Çali and Lorna McGregor


Lorna McGregor is a Professor in Law and Director of the Human Rights Centre at the University of Essex School of Law and Co-Director of ESRC Large Grant on Human Rights, Data and Technology (HRBDT). Başak Çali is Associate Professor of International Law and Director of the Center of Global Public Law at Koç University, Turkey and Secretary-General of ESIL. Basak and Lorna hold a grant from the British Academy, Newton Advanced Fellowship on the Effects of International Human Rights Law on Public International Law and its Sub-Branches. Başak Çali and Lorna McGregor are Co-Chairs of the European Society of International Law's Interest Group on Human Rights.

Recently Published

Introduction to ESIL Symposium on ‘International Human Rights Law in Times of Crisis’

The theme of the 2016 ESIL Annual Conference in Riga was ‘How International Law Works in Times of Crisis’. In line with our practice for the last two annual conferences, the ESIL Interest Group on International Human Rights Law applied the conference theme to International Human Rights Law (IHRL) by hosting an afternoon seminar on ‘The Place…

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ESIL-International Human Rights Law Symposium: Interactions Between IHRL and Other Sub-branches of International Law – A Research Agenda

In our first post as co-chairs of the ESIL Interest Group on Human Rights, we suggested that human rights are central organising principles of public international law. We noted that: International human rights law routinely interacts with other sub-branches of public international law by demanding new interpretations of existing law (cf. the principle of territorial application…

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