Benjamin Nussberger


Benjamin Nussberger is a doctoral candidate and research fellow at the Institute for International Peace and Security Law at the University of Cologne. Benjamin holds a Magister Iuris from Heidelberg University, and a LL.M. degree from Columbia Law School, where he studied as a Fulbright Scholar, and for which he was awarded the Walter Gellhorn Prize. He has been on academic visit at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on the field of the ius ad bellum and general international law. You can find him on Twitter @bknussberger.

Recently Published

Post-Election Crisis in The Gambia, the Security Council and the Threat of the Use of Force

The Gambian post-election crisis is a gem amongst cases relevant to the law on ius ad bellum – not only because it is a crisis that has been resolved with almost no bloodshed, but also because it offers valuable insights into the interaction between Security Council authorization, the doctrine of intervention by invitation, and the prohibition on the…

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