Brian McGarry



Brian McGarry is Assistant Professor of Public International Law at Leiden Law School’s Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies. He previously served as Lecturer at the Graduate Institute in Geneva and Visiting Professor at Sciences Po Law School in Paris. He tweets at @brian_k_mcgarry.

Recently Published

Mass Intervention?: The Joint Statement of 41 States on Ukraine v. Russia

On 20 May 2022, 41 states and the EU issued a Joint Statement regarding the pending ICJ proceedings in Ukraine v. Russia. The Joint Statement indicates that the signatories agree “to explore all options to support Ukraine in its efforts before the ICJ and to consider a possible intervention in these proceedings”. One of the signatories, Romania, had…

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Legacy of the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice, 100 Years Onward

The centenary of the adoption of the Statute of the Permanent Court of International Justice (predecessor to the International Court of Justice) passed this month with relatively little fanfare. As the affiliated court of the League of Nations, casual observers may indeed be inclined to consign the PCIJ’s Statute to the same legacy as the Covenant of its…

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