Begum Kilimcioğlu


The author of the blog post has completed her bachelor’s degree in law at Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. She is a nonpracticing lawyer of the Istanbul Bar Association. After, she has completed her LLM degree at Maastricht University on international law. Currently, she is working as a PhD researcher at the University of Antwerp under the supervision of Prof. Thalia Kruger and Research Ass. Prof. Gamze Erdem Turkelli on investigating the use of private law tools in preventing human rights impact of environmental harms in global value chains in the extractive sector. She is affiliated with the research groups Law & Development and Personal & Property Rights.

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How Does the Financial Sector Relate to the European Commission’s Proposal For a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive?

In the last few years, there has been a significant momentum behind imposing mandatory obligations on multinational enterprises (MNEs) to respect human rights and the environment. In 2017, France became the first Member State of the European Union (EU) to adopt and implement legally binding obligations on MNEs with the Loi de Vigilance. Following France’s footsteps, Germany…

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