Aldo Zammit Borda


Aldo Zammit Borda is Reader in Law at City, University of London. He obtained his PhD from Trinity College Dublin and completed a postdoc at King’s College London. Prior to joining academia, Aldo served as First Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malta, and as Legal Editor in the Rule of Law Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat.

Recently Published

Reproductive Violence in International Criminal Law and the ICC OTP’s Revised Policy on Gender-Based Crimes: An Emerging Concept

We are on the cusp of a new concept emerging in international criminal justice (ICJ): reproductive violence. While the broader concept of reproductive rights is well-known, and has a long and fraught history in domestic and international human rights law (for instance, Center for Reproductive Rights), the narrower concept of reproductive violence occurring in contexts…

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A litmus test for international justice: If not for the Yazidis, then for whom?

Yazidi tradition recounts that, before the Daesh attack in 2014, the Yazidis had suffered seventy-two large-scale persecutions in their history. To a large extent, in the past, they faced these attacks alone, with little hope of external support. But given that the 2014 genocide took place in the age of international justice – the age of the…

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The Debate on the Debate on Xinjiang at the Human Rights Council: Three Framings

For all the nice talk about human rights and accountability, on 6 October 2022, a majority of States at the Human Rights Council (HRC) voted against even debating – let alone investigating – the findings of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) on the situation in the Xinjiang, China. On…

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