Anastasiia Vorobiova



Anastasiia Vorobiova is currently working as a research assistant at the Institute of Law Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the international research project: “The challenge of populist memory politics for Europe: Towards effective responses to militant legislation on the past” (MEMOCRACY). Ms. Vorobiova holds LLM degree in International Human Rights Law from Lund University, Sweden. Her previous work experience includes international criminal law and accountability issues, gender and law and refugee law. Her main research interest encompasses human rights law with a specific focus on the influence of the laws affecting historical memory on education rights.

Recently Published

Why education rights must finally be taken seriously: Exploring the perils of mnemonic indoctrination in Russia

The year 2023 in Russia can be descried as a new chapter in furthering control over the historical narratives being circulated in the public sphere. A new federal educational standard which prescribes the content of the history curriculum entered into force starting from 01 September 2023. Little it is known, than a widely discussed Russian history…

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