Amelia Süsserott


Amelia Süsserott is a PhD Candidate at Lancaster University. Her thesis, A Priority View of Constructive Refoulement: Addressing host State hostility towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees, reexamines the role of State intent within existing understandings of constructive refoulement. Amelia’s research seeks to explore and better understand how policies that do not intend to compel asylum seekers and refugees to leave on paper, but have the effect of doing so, should be treated when it comes to constructive refoulement. Drawing on prioritarianism, she advocates for a new understanding of constructive refoulement, where the consequences, rather than the intentions, of host State policies on the worst-off are of primary concern. Amelia also works as a Research Impact Officer at King’s College London, across The Dickson Poon School of Law and King’s Business School.

Recently Published

To leave or not to leave? Is it time to reconsider the role of State intent within ‘constructive refoulement’?

The aim of international refugee law is ultimately to ensure those fleeing their country of origin due to persecution can seek refuge elsewhere. This is a key difference between refugees and internally displaced persons – with the former needing to flee beyond their country of origin’s borders to obtain safety. Having an “elsewhere” (i.e., another State) to flee…

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