Aurel Sari


Aurel Sari is a Senior Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter. He is the Director of the Exeter Centre for International Law and a Fellow of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps. His research interests centre on the international law relating to military operations. He is writing here in a personal capacity.

Recently Published

Hybrid Threats and the United States National Security Strategy: Prevailing in an “Arena of Continuous Competition”

The dividing line between war and peace is blurred. This is one of the messages emerging from the National Security Strategy (NSS) of the United States of America adopted in December 2017. The United States is accustomed to viewing the world through the binary lens of war and peace, yet in reality, warns the new National Security…

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Missing the Mark: Reprieve, ‘Kill Lists’ and Human Rights Advocacy

Deception, lies, murder, conspiracy. This is the stuff of crime novels. It is also the story spun in a report published earlier this year by Reprieve, a human rights charity active in the UK and the US. In its report, entitled ‘Britain’s Kill List’, Reprieve claims to reveal shocking proof that exposes the involvement of the…

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Jaloud v Netherlands: New Directions in Extra-Territorial Military Operations

Last week, the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights delivered its judgment in Jaloud v Netherlands. The case arose out of the fatal shooting of Azhar Sabah Jaloud by Dutch troops in the early hours of 21 April 2004 at a checkpoint in Iraq. The applicant claimed that the investigation into the incident was…

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