Anthea Roberts and Richard Braddock


Anthea Roberts is an Associate Professor at RegNet School of Regulation and Global Governance at the Australian National University. She is a specialist in public international law, investment treaty law and arbitration, and comparative international law. Prior to joining the ANU, Anthea taught at the London School of Economics, Columbia Law School and Harvard Law School. She is also a Visiting Professor for the Masters of International Dispute Settlement at the Graduate Institute and the University of Geneva. Richard Braddock is a founding Partner of Lexbridge Lawyers, the first specialist public international law practice in the Asia-Pacific region. Richard specializes in international trade and investment law. Before joining Lexbridge, Richard worked as an international lawyer and treaty negotiator for the Australian Government for close to a decade, leading trade and investment law units in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Office of International Law.

Recently Published

Protecting Public Welfare Regulation Through Joint Treaty Party Control: A ChAFTA Innovation

If countries wish to protect legitimate and non-discriminatory public welfare regulation from investor-state claims, what options do they have? This post highlights an innovative feature in the recent China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) that goes well beyond existing safeguards for protecting the regulatory autonomy of states by providing a mechanism for joint treaty party control. In doing so,…

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