Alain Pellet


Alain Pellet teaches Public International Law at of the University Paris Ouest-Nanterre/La Défense (Centre de Droit International (CEDIN)). He is a former member and chairperson of the International Law Commission, the President of the French Society for International Law, Member of the Institute of International Law and member of the Panel of ICSID Arbitrators. He is the author of several book and many articles in international law and has appeared before the ICJ in more than 45 cases.

Recently Published

Codification Illustrated: 70 years of the International Law Commission in pictures

In 2018, a photo exhibition illustrating 70 years of ILC activities was shown in New York and Geneva, and later in Bangkok, The Hague and Washington. In view of its success, the Codification Division, which organised the exhibition – and which ensures the Commission’s secretariat – has taken the initiative of publishing a brilliantly illustrated and intelligently commented…

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The ILC Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties: Some General Remarks

On 16 December 2013, by adopting resolution 68/111, the General Assembly completed a 21-year study on the codification and progressive development of the law on reservations to treaties. In its resolution, the GA takes note of the Guide to Practice on Reservations to Treaties, the text of which had been adopted by the International Law Commission (ILC) on…

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