Anni Pues


Dr Anni Pues is a Senior Lecturer in International Law at the School of Law, University of Glasgow and the Glasgow Centre for International Law and Security. Her academic work focuses on international and transnational criminal law and human rights. She is also a practitioner of law, admitted to the List of Counsel at the International Criminal Court, and currently acts as lead Victims Counsel at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers.

Recently Published

First war crimes conviction at the KSC: Developing jurisprudence and the right to reparations

Last December, the Appeals Panel at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) delivered its judgment in its first war crimes prosecution. Salih Mustafa, a special unit (BIA) commander in the Kosovo Liberation Army during the Kosovo war had been convicted for the war crimes of murder, torture and arbitrary detention. He is now facing 22 years…

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