Alex Mills


Alex Mills is Professor of Public and Private International Law in the Faculty of Laws, UCL. He has published widely in the fields of public and private international law, including books on The Confluence of Public and Private International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2009) and Party Autonomy in Private International Law (Cambridge University Press, 2018), and has been consulted on public and private international law issues by government departments, legal practitioners and non-governmental organisations.

Recently Published

The Application of Foreign Tort Law to Extraterritorial Exercises of UK Executive Authority: A Practice without Principle?

When the United Kingdom exercises executive authority outside its territory, a variety of legal claims may (and in practice often do) ensue in the English courts. Such claims may arise, for example, from those who allege that they have been mistreated at the hands of members of the UK armed forces in the course of foreign operations. One…

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State Responsibility and Privatisation: Accommodating Private Conduct in a Public Framework

One of the foundations of modern international law is the separation of an international realm in which state public activity is regulated from the realm of commercial markets and private law relations. The international dimensions of private law are shaped by public international law, but more directly governed by rules of private international law which allocate authority between…

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