Alessandro Monti


Alessandro Monti is an Assistant Professor in Sustainability and Energy Law at the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law. His main area of research is the interaction between climate change and international economic law, with special focus on the energy sector. Prior to his current appointment, Alessandro completed a double degree PhD at the Universities of Innsbruck and Padova, for which he has been awarded the Herbert Tumpel-Preis by the Austrian Theodor Körner Fonds. He teaches several bachelor and master courses on climate, energy and economic law.

Recently Published

A new variety of rights-based climate litigation: a challenge against the Energy Charter Treaty before the European Court of Human Rights

In the last couple of years, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has become a hotspot for rights-based climate change litigation. At the time of writing, seven cases are pending before the Court, with applicants seeking to challenge various aspects of domestic climate change laws and policies in the various respondent states, arguing that they violate their…

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