Dapo Akande & Eirik Bjorge


Dapo Akande is one of the editors of EJIL:Talk!. He is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Oxford and Yamani Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford. He is Co-Director of the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law & Armed Conflict, and also of the Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations. Dapo is a member of the Editorial Boards of the European Journal of International Law and the American Journal of International Law. Eirik Bjorge is the Shaw Foundation Junior Research Fellow at Jesus College, Oxford. He studied for his undergraduate law degree at the University of Oslo and after that completed the MJur and DPhil at Oxford University. He has varied research interests in the field of general international law, human rights law, and public law. He is the author of The Evolutionary Interpretation of Treaties (OUP, 2014) and Domestic Application of the ECHR: Courts as Faithful Trustees (OUP, 2015).

Recently Published

The United Kingdom Ministerial Code and International Law: A Response to Richard Ekins and Guglielmo Verdirame

Until very recently, little attention had been paid by academic international lawyers to the United Kingdom’s Ministerial Code (though see this discussion of the role of the Code with respect to legal advice relating to the Iraq War of 2003). The Code, is a document issued by the Cabinet Office, but effectively by the Prime Minister. It sets…

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