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Justiciability of Security Exceptions in the US Steel (and other) Disputes: Some Middle-Ground Options and the Requirements of Article XXI lit. b (i)-(iii)

Published on November 20, 2018        Author: 

The US – Certain Measures on Steel and Aluminium Products case (US Steel Dispute) has aroused numerous comments in the blogosphere (see e.g. here, here, here, here, here and here) which already give a very good impression of the legal questions involved and of what is at stake at the WTO these days. One of the most controversial legal issues brought up by the case (and by two other recent cases: Russia – Measures Concerning Traffic in Transit (Russia – Transit) and United Arab Emirates – Measures Relating to Trade in Goods and Services, and Trade-Related Aspects of IP Rights; for comments see: here and here) is the justiciability of Article XXI GATT (security exceptions). The question of justiciability, however, has sometimes been portrayed as an either/or question by bloggers: Either justiciability or complete discretion for States. Moreover, commentators have scarcely elaborated on the further requirements of Article XXI para. b (i)-(iii) GATT with regard to the US steel dispute.

The following post shows that there are more options on the table than to allow States full discretion (option 1), or declaring security exceptions justiciable under a limited good faith standard of review (option 2), and that under all but the first option Panels are likely to declare Trump’s tariffs on steel and aluminium imports not to be covered by security exceptions. Still, finding some middle-ground position on justiciability could be useful (politically) to avoid the impression of judicial overreach.

Judicial Review: Several Options

Article XXI GATT (in the case at hand lit. b) seems to allow a Member State to self-judge what it “considers necessary for the protection of its essential security interests”. Security exceptions have scarcely been used in the GATT and earlier WTO era, and unfortunately the meaning of “considers necessary” in Article XXI GATT so far has not been authoritatively elucidated by a Panel or the Appellate Body (AB). Read the rest of this entry…