Aarif Abraham


Aarif Abraham is a practising human rights and international criminal lawyer. He is a prospective Pupil Barrister at Garden Court North (starting Oct 2018) and most recently worked as a Legal Officer with the UNICTY and the NGO, Accountability Unit. Aarif has conducted litigation, advocacy, research, mentoring and investigation work on international human rights and criminal law violations related to a number of countries including at Public International Law and Policy Group in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the European Court of Human Rights, Rights Watch UK, Democratic Progress Institute and the human rights team at UNAIDS/WHO.

Recently Published

First and Second Degree Genocide? Considering a Case for Bifurcation of the Law

At its inception, the crime of genocide, which broadly concerns criminal conduct targeted at a group, was generally seen as somehow more culpable or aggravated than international crimes targeted at an individual. Critical opposition to that view exists (See Milanović on the Karadžić and Mladić Trial Chamber judgments). Contemporary application, however, of the law continues to…

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