Antonio Cassese Initiative for Justice, Peace and Humanity

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It is still hard to believe that Antonio Cassese, one of the leading and most influential international lawyers of our time, and one of the founders of the European Journal of International Law passed away almost exactly a year ago (see here, here and here). Nino Cassese was a distinguished jurist and scholar, an illustrious judge and an inspirational teacher, who will be remembered for his profound humanity and generosity of spirit. In order to continue his legacy, the Antonio Cassese Initiative for Justice, Peace and Humanity has recently been founded.

The mandate of Antonio Cassese Initiative is to promote global education, learning and training (particularly in developing countries and countries facing political transtion) in the disciplines to which Antonio Cassese dedicated his professional life. These include human rights, peace, international justice, transitional justice and development. The Initiative will conduct its work mainly through the global network of experts, friends and admirers of Antonio Cassese. Operating from its base at the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights, all activities of the Antonio Cassese Initiative will be infused with the spirit of humanitarianism and public service that characterized the life and work of Antonio Cassese. As a teacher, jurist and statesman, Antonio Cassese believed passionately in the power of law as a force for good and change; he believed in using the law to achieve justice, peace and humanity. Antonio Cassese strived to make learning egalitarian and accessible to all and he sought to empower and liberate through his teaching and his books, but also by dedicating his life work to effect practical changes.

The Antonio Cassese Initiative will also rely on the pro bono efforts of its network. If you wish to apply to be included in the roster of experts and instructors to offer your specific expertise to the various activities sponsored by the Initiative, click here. If you wish to become a supporter or a sponsor of the Initiative, click here.

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