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Another Question on ICJ Judges – UPDATED

Published on December 23, 2011        Author: 

I have yet another question about ICJ Judges. Perhaps this is quite an easy one.

Which ICJ Judges or ICJ ad hoc judge have been the child of an ICJ Judge or ICJ ad hoc Judge?

To clarify, both the parent and the child have sat on the ICJ bench as either a judge or an ad hoc judge. Answers in the comments box below please!

UPDATE : Thanks for the responses. Yes the answers are indeed the Lauterpachts (Sir Hersch and Sir Eli) and Jules Basdevant and Suzanne Bastid. Jules Basdevant was Judge (and President) of the ICJ (I don’t think he was on the PCIJ) and his daughter Suzanne Bastid was indeed the first woman to sit on the ICJ as an ad hoc judge.

Neither René-Jean Dupuy nor Pierre-Marie Dupuy have sat as ad hoc judges at the ICJ.

If readers are still interested in this theme, I would like to know which children of ICJ Judges have gone on to careers as public international lawyers.

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5 Responses

  1. Marko Milanovic Marko Milanovic

    This one is easy – the two Lauterpachts, with Hersch being a permanent judge and Eli an ad hoc judge in the Bosnian Genocide case. Are there any other examples? Have the two Dupuys sat as judges ad hoc? Can’t think of any other possible candidates off the top of my head.

  2. Jan Klabbers jan klabbers

    If the PCIJ counts: Jules Basdevant and his daughter Suzanne Bastid (who was, I believe, the first ever female ad hoc judge) in the Revision case between Tunisia and Libya concerning their earlier continental shelf case.

  3. Etienne Henry

    Jules Basdevant, father of Suzanne Bastid.

  4. Fabian Raimondo

    Children of ICJ judges who have gone on to careers as public international lawyers? Olufemi Elias, son of former ICJ President Taslim Elias; Malgosia Fitzmaurice, daughter of former ICJ President Manfred Lachs (if I’m not mistaken…)

  5. Dapo Akande Dapo Akande


    Those are the two people that I had in mind. Femi Elias has taught international law at the University of London, in the past full time, but most recently as Visiting Professor, and has worked at a number of international organizations. His current position is Executive Secretary of the World Bank Administrative Tribunal.

    Malgosia Fitzmaurice is a Professor of International Law at Queen Mary College, University of London.

    I don’t know if there any other children of ICJ judges who have gone to careers in public international law.