Announcements: WILIG Scholarship Prize; Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy Webinar; I-HILT E-lecture Series; Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Sanctions Workshop; International Law Commission Lecture; Dispute Resolution Under UNCLOS Seminar

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1. WILIG Scholarship Prize. The WILIG Scholarship Prize highlights and promotes excellence in international law scholarship involving women and girls, gender, and feminist approaches. It recognizes innovative contributions to international law scholarship that theorize or utilize a feminist lens or lenses, highlight, and seek to address topics disproportionately affecting women and girls, or consider the impact of international law or policy on gender more broadly. The WILIG Scholarship Prize Committee may award up to two prizes: one for book length monographs or edited volumes, and the other for individual articles or book chapters. Nominators may only nominate one book or article per cycle. Self-nominations are welcome. To submit an article, chapter, or book published in the last three years for consideration, please send the relevant scholarly work, along with a cover letter describing why the work merits the award in light of the criteria above, to wilig {at} asil(.)org by 15 June. More information can be found here.

2. Webinar: “From Fossil Fuels to Renewable Energy: Trade and Investment Options – Defining the Research Agenda.” On 7 June the University of Göttingen Institute of International and European Law will be holding an online event where two panels will present on topics of international trade law and international investment law and discuss how these two legal frameworks can and should facilitate energy transition, and what their roles are in the broader fight against climate change. The panels will also endeavour to address where there are still gaps in research and contribute to the discussion on the future of academic research in these areas.  For the programme, to register, and submit questions in advance see here.

3. I-HILT Online E-lecture Series: Professor Samuel Moyn. The ongoing I-HILT online e-lecture series at Tilburg Law School is hosting Professor Samuel Moyn (Yale Law School) who will discuss his most recent book Humane: How the United States Abandoned Peace and Reinvented War. The content of the  e-lecture is as follows – ‘The rise of American Empire has coincided with appeals for a more humane war. But what if efforts to make war more ethical — to ban torture and limit civilian casualties — have only shored up the military enterprise and made it sturdier?’ Those interested should contact Deepak Mawar (d.r.mawar {at} tilburguniversity(.)edu) with the email title ‘I-HILT E-Lecture Registration’ and he will provide the Zoom link for the e-lecture.

4. Sanctions in the Light of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: What’s New in Law and Practice Workshop. On 4 July 2022, the University of Luxembourg Law Department will host a workshop on ‘Sanctions in the Light of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: What’s New in Law and Practice?’ The event will examine the law and practice of economic sanctions in light of developments arising out of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It will explore the legality and implementation of, and possible challenges to, economic sanctions imposed by a number of international actors (including the EU, the US and the UK), as well as their potential impact on businesses and dispute resolution. Speakers include Sara Poli (University of Pisa), Alexandra Hofer (Utrecht University), Paschalis Paschalidis (Arendt & Medernach), Clara Portela (University of Valencia), Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch (Arendt & Medernach), Petra Mahnic (Council of the EU), Roberto Crespi (European Commission), Francesca Finelli (University of Luxembourg), Juan Ignacio Signes de Mesa (CJEU), Matthew Happold (University of Luxembourg), Javier García Olmedo (University of Luxembourg), Mercedeh Azeredo da Silveira (AZHA Avocats), Thierry Hoscheit (Court of Appeal, Luxembourg), Evgeniya Rubinina (Enyo Lawyers), and Dominic Pellow (Dentons). Details on how to register can be found here.  

5. Hamburg Lecture Series in Public & Comparative Law: The International Law Commission – Challenges and Opportunities? The Hamburg Lecture Series in Public & Comparative Law’s next lecture will be with Phoebe Okowa on “The International Law Commission: Challenges and Opportunities?” on 15 June at 4.00 pm CEST. More information can be found here.

6. Volterra Fietta Seminar: Dispute Resolution Under UNCLOS. This event will take place on 9 June 2022 at 2.00 pm BST, 3.00 pm CEST, 9.00 am EDT. The dispute settlement system under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (“UNCLOS”) is one of the most complex and detailed dispute resolution systems in public international law. This timely seminar will address various aspects of the UNCLOS dispute resolution system.  It will discuss, among other topics, creativity in such dispute settlement, clarification of the law of the sea through dispute settlement, influencing dispute settlement under UNCLOS, comparisons between the different dispute settlement mechanisms under UNCLOS and how the dispute settlement system might be used to interpret UNCLOS in light of technological developments.  The speakers will be Professor Natalie Klein from UNSW Sydney’s Faculty of Law, Professor Sean D. Murphy from George Washington University Law School, ITLOS Judge Tomas Heidar, Professor Robert Charles Beckman from the National University of Singapore and Professor Robert Volterra, partner at Volterra Fietta.  Interested participants can email seminars {at} volterrafietta(.)com by midday 8 June 2022 with their names and affiliations. The seminar will be moderated by Florentine Vos, Senior Associate at Volterra Fietta. For more information, see here.

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