Announcements: Sanremo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law Essay Competition; Summer School on Health and Human Rights; UN Audiovisual Library of International Law; Annual Human Rights and Mass Atrocity Seminar; CTIL Senior Research Fellows and Research Fellows Vacancy; Conference on Procedural Rules of International Courts and Tribunals

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1. Sanremo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law Essay Competition. The ICRC and the Sanremo International Institute for Humanitarian Law have just launched the second ‘Sanremo New Voices in International Humanitarian Law’ essay competition. Young scholars are invited to submit short essays on one of the following topics: ‘IHL and the challenges related to cyber warfare’; ‘Artificial intelligence in warfare’. The winner will be invited to present at the 2019 Sanremo Round Table, which will discuss IHL implications of new technology in warfare. Further details and criteria for submission are available here.

2. University of Groningen Summer School on Health and Human Rights. This Summer School, organized by the Global Health Law Groningen Research Centre,  is entitled ‘Health and Human Rights: The role of law in addressing the chronic disease pandemic’ and it will be held at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands  from 8 – 12 July 2019. The summer school is open to participants with both a law and medical background from the bachelor level to practitioners. The school will be taught by a multidisciplinary group of academics and practitioners and will focus on how international law and specifically human rights law is essential to addressing the global increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases, and diabetes. The course will have a specific focus on unhealthy diets and the obesity epidemic and tobacco as NCD behavioral risk factors. The deadline for applications is 1 May 2019. More information can be found here and here
3. New Addition to the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law. The Codification Division of the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs recently added the following lecture to the Lecture Series of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law (AVL) website: Mr. Victor Saco on “International Trade Law and International Investment Law” (in Spanish). The Audiovisual Library is also available as a podcast, which can be accessed through the preinstalled applications in Apple or Google devices, through Soundcloud or through the podcast application of your preference by searching “Audiovisual Library of International Law”. The UN Audiovisual Library of International Law provides high quality international law training and research materials to users around the world free of charge.
4. 2nd Annual Human Rights and Mass Atrocity Seminar. The 2nd annual Human Rights and Mass Atrocities Law Seminar is taking place at Griffith College in Dublin, Ireland from 19 – 21 June. The 3 day certificate seminar will deep dive into the following topics: wildlife crimes, child sex crimes, universal jurisdiction, starvation as a mass atrocity, post colonialism, indigenous rights and climate change, and prosecuting genocide. Sponsored by World Peace through Law Section of the WSBA and The Common Good Foundation. Registration is now open.


5. CTIL Senior Research Fellows and Research Fellows Vacancy. The Centre for Trade and Investment Law (CTIL) was established in 2016 by the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. CTIL’s primary objective is to provide sound and rigorous analysis of legal issues pertaining to international trade and investment law. CTIL intends to engage Senior Research Fellows and Research Fellows on a contractual basis for a period of one year. Indian nationals fulfilling the qualification criteria are eligible to apply. The last date for application is 26 April 2019. Please click here for more information. 

6. International Conference on “Procedural Rules of International Courts and Tribunals: Between Change and Stability”. This conference will take place in Rome, at Sapienza University (Faculty of Political Science) on 3 May 2019, at 9.30 a.m. The purpose of this conference is to look at international procedural rules as sources of international law, that is through the processes for their creation, the methods for their interpretation, and the ways in which their modification and enforcement are ensured. The main assumption is that international procedural rules reflect a special balance between the need for change and adaptation to the special interests of the parties and the need to ensure stability of international dispute settlement. Thus, these rules are characterised by particular processes, actors, instruments and to a certain extent they differ from “ordinary” international law rules.
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