Announcements: Legal Clinics and International Law Conference; CfA DILEMA Conference on AI; CfP Legal Protection of Carbon Sinks; CfA Rule of Law and Human Rights Workshop; Arms Control Seminar

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1. Legal Clinics and International Law: A Growing Interaction – Conference. On 15 June 2023, the Department of Law, Roma Tre University is holding an ESIL-supported hybrid conference on ‘Legal Clinics and International Law: A Growing Interaction’ to discuss opportunities and challenges of the clinical movement in relation to public international law. To facilitate a fruitful discussion, Directors of PIL legal clinics acting in Europe are invited to fill an on-line questionnaire by Thursday 18 May.

2. Call for Abstracts: DILEMA Conference on AI. On 12–13 October 2023, the DILEMA Project is organising a conference around the complex and interdisciplinary issues raised by military applications of artificial intelligence (AI). The DILEMA conference will offer a broad platform to engage in an interdisciplinary dialogue around both theoretical and practical questions related to military AI, and feature some of the latest research insights from the fields of law, ethics, computer science, and other disciplines. The conference will include keynote presentations by invited speakers, as well as panel presentations based on an open call for abstracts. The format of the conference will be geared towards fostering dialogue, exchanges, and debates amongst and across disciplines, so as to build some common ground, move the debate forward, and develop new ideas. Submissions of abstracts (maximum 600 words) are invited on topics related to the theme of the conference from varied disciplines and methodological approaches. The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2023, 23:59 CET. More  information and the abstract submission form can be found here.

3. Call for Papers: Legal Protection of Carbon Sinks in the Fight Against Climate Change. UCD Sutherland School of Law invites paper submissions on the topic ‘Legal protection of carbon sinks in the fight against climate change: Interactions between ecosystem protection and human rights’. The call intends to offer academics, including early-career researchers, as well as practitioners a forum to analyse and discuss how the legal response to climate change could be enhanced through the protection and restoration of those ecosystems that act as carbon sinks. See further details here. Interested contributors are asked to submit a title and an abstract of around 400 words to the organisers at by 9 June 2023. Papers will be presented at a research workshop which will be held on 4-5 December 2023 at UCD Sutherland School of Law (Dublin, Ireland).

4. Call for Abstracts: International Academic Workshop – Exploring Linkages between Rule of Law Backsliding and Human Rights. On Tuesday 26 September 2023, at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. When a country enters a phase of rule of law backsliding, it often finds itself on a slippery slope that seems to lead inexorably to a full-blown rule of law crisis. The purpose of this workshop is to explore different ways of finding the ‘brakes’ on such a slippery slope, by investigating the linkages between rule of law backsliding and international human rights law and mechanisms. Proposals are invited for papers comprising an abstract (of a maximum 350 words). These should be submitted, together with a cover letter by 15 May 2023, in one single PDF document. The cover letter should include a one-paragraph CV (of a maximum of 200 words) and explain in a few sentences the context of the paper: i.e. whether it is part of a PhD project, whether it is based on undertaken empirical research or part of ongoing research etc. Abstracts should be submitted in PDF with CV and context explanation in one unified document, using the header  ‘Exploring Linkages between Rule of Law Backsliding and Human Rights: How to Find the Brakes on A Slippery Slope?’ before 15 May 2023 to: montaignecentrum {at} uu(.)nl.

5. Doctoral Seminar: Arms Control and Emerging Disruptive Technologies. Over the last half century, states have gradually developed an effective system of agreements, organisations and processes to regulate chemical, biological, nuclear and certain conventional weapons. Yet many of these existing arms control regimes are ill-equipped to deal with emerging disruptive technologies. Lectures on key issues are followed by a roundtable discussion on participant research, guided by Asser Institute researchers. This seminar will take place 29 – 30 June at the Asser Institute at 13:00 CET. Attendance is free. Participation in the workshop is extended to approximately 10 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers who are currently conducting research in arms control, whether from legal, historical, political or theoretical perspectives. Email Thea Coventry (t.coventry {at} asser(.)nl) to apply for the event by Monday 16 June 2023, including your position, university affiliation and area of research. More info can be found here

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