Announcements: International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking Course; FRAME workshop – A global force for human rights?; Third-Party Economic Sanctions Lecture; PluriCourts Professor Vacancies and Postdoctoral Fellowships; Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; RfS Manchester Journal of International Economic Law; Revista Tribuna Internacional

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1. Hague Academy Advanced Course on International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking. The Hague Academy of International Law and the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies will host the second edition of the Advanced Course on International Criminal Law between 30 May and 8 June 2016, at the Peace Palace, The Hague. The course will focus on International Criminal Justice, Migration and Human Trafficking. It will include a panel discussion on International Law and the Migration Crisis and interactive lectures on, inter alia, the interplay between refugee law, migration law and international criminal justice, the movement of persons across borders in international law, modern types of slavery and human exploitation and human trafficking as a crime against humanity. The course is coordinated by Prof. Carsten Stahn, Programme Director of the Grotius Centre (The Hague). It is geared at practitioners who seek to enlarge their vision or discover a new field of practice and scholars seeking to gain expertise in the application of concepts and norms. Further information on the programme and application process is available here.

2. FRAME workshop ‘A global force for human rights?’. The FRAME workshop ‘A global force for human rights? Assessing the EU´s comprehensive approach to human rights in crisis management and conflict´ will take place at the Law School of the University of Seville (Spain), on 11 March 2016. The workshop will consist of a keynote speech and two panels. The keynote speech is entitled “A Global Force for Human Rights? Preliminary Findings from the FRAME Project” by Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters. The first panel will deal with the applicable regulatory frameworks regarding human rights violations in conflicts and the protection of vulnerable groups. The second panel will discuss the integration of human rights and international Humanitarian Law (IHL) and democracy/rule of law principles and tools into the Common Security and Defence  Policy (CSDP) and missions and evaluating their impact on vulnerable groups. More details can be found here. To register, email Laura Iñigo via linigo {at} us(.)es.

3. Third-Party Economic Sanctions Lecture. On Thursday 25 February 2016 from 6pm to 7pm at UCL Pavilion (Main Quad), Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, Professor Cecile Fabre (University of Oxford) will speak on third-party economic sanctions. Mindful that economic sanctions have become a staple of foreign policy, Professor Fabre’s lecture focuses on the question of whether just war theory provides a useful normative framework for assessing the morality of sanctions; whether sanctions are effective; and whether the harms which they occasion to innocent civilians are such as to render them impermissible. Professor Fabre will explore so-called unilateral third party sanctions, such as have been imposed by the United States vis-à-vis Iran and Cuba. Her aim is to provide a cosmopolitan defence of unilateral third-party sanctions as a means to stop ongoing human rights violations. The lecture will be chaired by Professor Leif Wenar (Kings College London). Admission is free but registration is required (here).

4. PluriCourts Professor Vacancies and Postdoctoral Fellowships. PluriCourts, a multidisciplinary Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order at the University of Oslo, has announced two positions as (associate) professor: one in international economic law and one in legal theory/political philosophy. The application deadline for both is 1 April 216. PluriCourts has also announced up to three 3-year postdoctoral fellowships on the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals in the following fields: human rights, trade, international criminal law or the environment. The application deadline for these fellowships is 21 March 2016.

5. 2016 Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law. The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law has announced its call for applications to the 2016 Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, which takes place in Washington D.C. from 31 May – 17 June. This annual Program offers 19 courses in English and Spanish lectured by over 40 scholars of relevance in the field of Human Rights and Humanitarian Law during an intensive 3 week immersion into the dynamic world of Human Rights. The Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law provides through this Program the unique opportunity to learn and interact with judges of International Tribunals such as the ICJ, Special Rapporteurs and Committee Members of the UN, members of the Inter-American Commission and Court on Human Rights, experts from prominent NGOs and professors from all over the world. More information is available here here. Contact hracademy {at} wcl.american(.)edu for more information.

6. Request for Submissions: Manchester Journal of International Economic Law. The Manchester Journal of International Economic Law is requesting abstracts for potential submissions to the December 2016 issue examining the theme of Interactions of International Organizations, Private Economic Actors and Resources. Abstracts of proposed submissions are welcome on this subject, which might include, but are by no means limited to: (i) the treasury operations of International Financial Institutions (IFIs); (ii) the anti-corruption, procurement, disbarment and similar initiatives of IFIs and other international organizations (IOs); (iii) the utilisation by IOs of private/philanthropic funding and public-private partnerships, particularly in the domain of global public health initiatives; and (iv) the influence of IOs on world trade and investment, regulation and standards-setting.  Abstracts of proposed submissions (500 words maximum, with an accompanying CV) should be sent to the Guest Editor, Peter Quayle, at pquayle {at} nd(.)edu by 18 March 2016. Submissions selected for development from abstracts will be subsequently peer-reviewed.

7. Revista Tribuna Internacional. Issue number 8 of law journal Revista Tribuna Internacional, Law Faculty – Univesity of Chile, is now available online. It can be accessed here. Revista Tribuna Internacional has also opened its call for papers for its 9th issue (1st semester, 2016), which will be published in June 2016. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2016. More information can be found here.

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