Announcements: Hague Academy of International Law 2022; CfS Asia Blogs; Celebrating Women’s Participation in International Law Lecture; CfP ESIL Joint Workshop International Organizations in Times of Covid; International Law and Distribution Conference

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1. The Hague Academy of International Law 2022 Centre for Studies and Research. The 2022 edition of the Centre for Studies and Research will take place between 22 August – 9 September on the topic of Climate Change and the Testing of International Law. The Directors of Research, Professors Jacqueline Peel (University of Melbourne) and Sandrine Maljean-Dubois (Aix-Marseille University), will lead a group of approximately 24 researchers divided into two language groups, English and French speaking, who will individually cover a specific aspect of the overall topic. The best contributions will be included in a book to be published in the fall of 2023. Registration for the programme is free of charge. Interested candidates must be researchers and preferably hold an advanced degree (PhD or Doctorate degree). Registration period: 1 April to 1 September 2021. Registrations will be accepted via the online registration form. For more information, please consult the Centre’s page, as well as the 2022 poster.

2. Call for Submissions at ‘asia blogs’ for the Symposium on Development Aid: Charity, or an Oppressive Tool of Inequality?’ This Symposium invites papers from scholars from the Global South and elsewhere who are interested in critical international law scholarship on development aid, with the ultimate goal of finding reformative solutions that will ensure self-reliance of the Global South. Interested scholars can contribute to the Symposium within the extended deadline of 5 April 2021. The details contributing to the blog can be found here.

3. Celebrating Women’s Participation in International Law Lecture. As part of March’s celebrations of Women’s History and their worldly contributions, The Jindal Society of International Law organised a Guest Lecture comprising of its Faculty Advisors and Professor Dr. Bedi on Celebrating Women’s Participation in International Law, with an all-women’s panel of scholars and academicians involved in international legal scholarship. The lecture was held on Friday and can be viewed here.

4. Call for Papers: ESIL Joint Workshop International Organizations’ Action in Times of COVID-19: Law-Making by Expertise and Soft Law. The  ESIL Interest groups on International Organizations and International Health Law welcome submissions for a joint workshop taking place as part of the 16th Annual Conference of ESIL in Stockholm on Wednesday, 8 September 2021. The workshop will address two issues related to the activities of international organizations 1) law-making by expertise and 2) soft law in times of Covid-19. An abstract of between 500 and 600 words should be submitted by Friday, 23 April 2021. More information can be found here.

5. Glasginburgh 2021 Conference: International Law and Distribution: Sustainable Development, Security, and the Governance of Resources. This online conference will take place on 13 and 14 May 2021. Our aim in this conference is to explore the relationship between international law and questions of “distribution” – broadly conceived. This two-day event will promote a dialogue about the myriad ways in which current ‘distributions’ inform or even determine the development of international law, and how, in turn, the practices of international legal institutions may impact upon distributions of income, resources, and power in the world. More details and the programme can be found here and you can register online here.

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