Announcements: ‘Frontex – Legal Questions and Current Controversies’ Conference; Oxford International Organizations – Call for Rapporteurs; Extraterritoriality in Port State Jurisdiction

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1.’Frontex: Legal Questions and Current Controversies’ Conference.  On Friday 27 November 2015, the Research Unit in Law at the University of Luxembourg will be holding a conference on ‘Frontex: legal questions and current controversies’. The conference will examine various legal issues concerning the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union (Frontex) and its activities.  The conference will bring together academics and practitioners from EU and international law backgrounds. Given the current refugee crisis and with Luxembourg currently holding the EU Presidency, the event could hardly be better-timed or placed. Speakers include: Prof. Guy S. Goodwin-Gill (Oxford), Dr Roberta Mungianu (Copenhagen), Florin Coman-Kund (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Zhena Zhekova (Luxembourg), Inmaculada Arnaez Fernandez (Frontex), Melanie Fink (Leiden), Pascal Schumacher (Luxembourg MFA), Prof. Richard Barnes (Hull), Dr Seline Trevisanut (Utrecht) and Dr Matilde Ventrella (Wolverhampton). Details about the conference and how to register can be found here.

2. Oxford International Organizations: Call for Rapporteurs. Oxford University Press and the Manchester International Law Centre (MILC) have been developing the structure of a database of annotated documents pertaining to the law of international organizations. This will include documents such as resolutions of international organizations, reports of legal advisers, judicial decisions, international agreements, or any other act of legal relevance. Applications are welcomed from those who would be interested in acting as rapporteurs for this project. Rapporteurs will have the task of identifying relevant materials and providing a short legal commentary on these documents. For further details, including required qualifications and skills as well as the process for application, see here. We hope to recruit not only scholars but also lawyers and legal advisers working in international organizations and those working for firms involved in related litigation.

3. Extraterritoriality in Port State Jurisdiction. On the 14th of December 2015 a Seminar on Extraterritoriality in Port State Jurisdiction organized by the UNIJURIS research group will take place at the Faculty of Law of Utrecht University. The seminar will be divided into four thematic panels. The first two sessions will deal with approaches to port state extraterritoriality, the first focused upon the international shipping sector and the second upon the international fishing sector. The third panel addresses the question of advancing adequate labour conditions through port state extraterritoriality, and the final panel reviews whether there is a clash between the existing approaches and increasing port state extraterritoriality. The seminar will take place in Utrecht from 11:00 – 18:00 hours. See here for more information. Participation is free but participants are kindly required to register before the 10th of December at Secretariaat.IER {at} uu(.)nl.

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