Announcements: EJIL:Live Extra Featuring Dapo Akande on IHL and IHRL; CfP Int’l Orgs and the Rule of Law (Wellington, NZ); CfP Development and Rule of Law (London & USA); Conference on Rule of Law in the EU (London); Seminar on Ethics in the Int’l Bar (London); ILA Conference Registration Extended (Essex)

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1.  In case you missed it, the latest EJIL: Live Extra! features Joseph Weiler and Dapo Akande of the University of Oxford discussing the relationship between international humanitarian law and international human rights law.  The EJIL: Live Extras series comprises short video conversations with leading international law scholars.

2.  Call for Papers – International Organisations and the Rule of Law: Perils and Promise, Victoria University of Wellington Faculty of Law, New Zealand, 7-8 December 2015. This workshop will take a fresh look at the resources that international law possesses to ensure that international organisations (IOs) are held accountable for their errors and excesses, while remaining relevant and effective in the face of ever growing global challenges. How can international law develop in a way that preserves and enhances the dynamic possibilities of IOs while making sure that they comply with the rule of law? Can international law offer solutions, or is it part of the problem? The workshop organisers welcome papers that present original legal or empirical research; theoretical reflections; case studies from practice; and critical and historical perspectives. For more details see the call for papers here.

3.  The Global Rule of Law Exchange, a new project at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, seeks to address key challenges posed by global development and its relationship to the rule of law. To this end, the Exchange will compile a list of short papers (such as think pieces, practice notes, policy documents, etc.) of around 1,500 – 3,000 words presenting research, case-studies and evidence from the field. Multidisciplinary analyses are encouraged, as are quantitative and qualitative studies. Conferences will be organised in London and in the United States in late 2015 and early 2016 to discuss the papers (date TBA). Shortlisted papers will feature in an edited publication, but the Exchange is also exploring opportunities of publishing a collection of these articles in a peer-reviewed journal. It will consider the challenges in respect of developing the rule of law in emerging economies, with regard to issues such as access to justice, corruption, legal certainty, government decision-making and the measurement of success in rule of law interventions. Other issues include – but are not limited to – growth, investment and the effects on national economies and local communities; the relationship between formal and informal legal systems; and the extent to which access to justice is or could be an instrument of empowerment and of more equal distribution of resources. Among its work, the Exchange is keen to foster empirical and comparative knowledge on what works and what does not in rule of law interventions, encourage discussions on their impact, as well as to identify good practice, research gaps, and ways forward. A 150-300 word abstract of the paper should be submitted by 30 June 2015, with final papers by 30 September 2015.

4.  Monitoring and Enforcement of the Rule of Law in the EU: Rhetoric and Reality. One-day-conference on the 18th of June, London (Ashurst LLP). The conference is o-organised by Professor Laurent Pech, Jean Monnet Chair of EU Public Law at Middlesex University London and the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law. The conference aims to bring officials, practitioners and academics together to reflect on the recent mechanisms put forward by the European Commission and the Council of the EU to more effectively uphold and safeguard the rule of law within the EU. Alternative proposals for new rule of law instruments originating from other institutions, organisations and academia will also be explored. Further information about the programme and registration can be found here. 

5.  On 28 May 2015, the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) will host a seminar entitled ‘Ethics in the “International Bar”: Rules, Gaps and Improvements in the Regulation of the Professional Ethics before International Courts and Tribunals’. This event is part of the Temple Garden Chambers Seminar Series in International Adjudication. While there is no universally accepted code on ethical requirements in proceedings before international courts and tribunals, ethical conduct in the “International Bar” is one of the most important issues in contemporary international adjudication. Many international courts have adopted rules that regulate the behaviour of prosecutors, counsels and judges. Similarly, several professional associations have adopted non-binding codes of conduct for litigants and judges. This seminar will focus on the need to uphold the highest ethical standards in international adjudication. In addition, it will identify gaps in the existing documents and mechanisms for the maintenance of professional integrity in the “International Bar” and suggest improvements. Date & Time: Thursday 28 May 2015, 17:30-19:00 Venue: British Institute of International and Comparative Law, Charles Clore House, 17 Russell Square, London WC1B 5JP Find out more and book online here.  Download the Event Flyer.

6.  Registration for the Spring Conference of the International Law Association (British Branch) has now been extended. We will be able to accept bookings up to the date of the conference, which is to take place on 29th – 30th May 2015 at the University of Essex (but please book earlier where possible). The theme of this year’s meeting is ‘International Law as a Mechanism for Justice’. We are delighted to have Howard Morrison CBE QC and Professor Francesco Francioni giving plenary papers, and we have panels on topics such as international criminal justice, corporate accountability, investment law, refugee law, armed conflict, environmental justice, and access to justice. The programme and information on registration and accommodation are available here. Should you have any queries about the conference, please feel free to get in touch at the following address: ilaconference2015 {at}

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