Announcements: EJIL CfP The Hague Academy – A Centenary of Scholarship; Conference on Chemical and Biological Weapon

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1. EJIL Call for Review Proposals: The Hague Academy – A Centenary of Scholarship. 2023 marks the centenary of the Hague Academy of International Law, one of the centres of international legal research and teaching. This anniversary is an opportune time to reflect on the role of the Hague Academy in international legal discourse, the impact of its  publications, and the hopes and expectations of EJIL readers for the Academy’s next 100 years. EJIL therefore proposes a special review series entitled ‘The Hague Academy: A Centenary of Scholarship’. For this special review series, EJIL invites proposals of reflections, short introductions, and critical takes on the Hague Academy’s general and special courses. Proposals may wish to engage with the following prompts: (i) a favourite course or author that has set the tone of or significantly contributed to a field of international law or even to a career; (ii) a forgotten course that left a lasting impression on the reviewer and should be read more widely; (iii) a reflection of how a particular field of law or topic has changed over the years through the comparative lens of courses; (iv) a comment on questions of international law that the Hague Academy has failed to address; (v) a reflection on the courses and recurring patterns or topics over the years; (vi) the role courses and their published volumes have played on the academic discipline or practice of international law; and, (vii) thoughts on courses and topics for the next 100 years. While this series is based on the recognition of the central role of the Hague Academy, contributions should be in the nature of a meaningful engagement that avoids hagiography. EJIL welcomes all methodological, theoretical and political approaches and perspectives. Given the broad reach of the Hague Academy’s reach, they are keen to include a wide range of contributions, which should preferably be snappy and to the point. Those interested in participating in the special review series should send a proposal of less than 150 words to {at} gmail(.)com by 15 October 2023. Proposals should contain a brief outline of the argument to be developed, and should include ‘Hague Academy 100 years’ in the subject line. Those selected will be asked to develop their argument in short piece of 4,000 words (max) by 31 December, for inclusion in one of the 2024 issues of the EJIL. 

2. Conference on Chemical and Biological Weapons: The Interconnectivity of Norms. The Faculty of Law of the Justus-Liebig University Gieβen is organizing the conference ‘Chemical and Biological Weapons: The Interconnectivity of Norms’ on 23-24 October 2023 in Gieβen, Germany. This conference aims to provide a platform for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and researchers to engage in thoughtful discussions regarding the relevant normative regimes for Chemical and Biological weapons and especially how different norms and levels of norms interact with one another.  Register for the Conference here.

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