Announcements: Conference on Asylum in Europe, Website Covering Italian Practice on International Law

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1.  ‘Using Human Security as a legal framework to analyse the Common European Asylum System,’ 4 July, T.M.C Asser Instituut, The Hague, Netherlands. This expert conference will explore new territory in its analysis of protection under the Common European Asylum System through the prism of Human Security. The four thematic panels of the conference will analyse the added value of using Human Security as a legal framework for protection in Asylum law whilst assessing the prospects of legal interaction between both fields. It will take stock of recent developments in legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine; proposing insightful approaches to contemporary asylum challenges. The event is free of charge, however registration is required. Please register here. More information is available here.

2.  A team of scholars and students mainly based at the University of Trento, Italy announces the launch of is a collection of Italian parliamentary and diplomatic statements on issues of international law. The website’s main purpose is to provide access to the Italian Government’s practice to non-Italian speakers.  The team constantly monitors the statements of the Italian Government as expressed before the Italian Parliament, as well as within the United Nations system, both in New York and Geneva.  Whenever necessary, it translates the statements into English. Then it classifies them chronologically, as well as through keywords and tags: the entire database is searchable. Each post is identified by a topic-based title and introduced by a short summary. When possible, a link to the official document is made available. This website will be a useful tool for scholars and practitioners of international law and international relations, as it provides for wide-ranged and easily accessible materials. 

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