Announcements: CfP Oxford Early Careers Workshop; Chatham House Surviving in Conflict Event; CfP Western Sahara Research Group; Solange 50th Anniversary Conference

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1. Call for Papers: Oxford Workshop in Honour of Judge Theodor Meron  . The Oxford University Faculty of Law, All Souls College, and Trinity College will host a workshop on 21 June 2024 in honour of Judge Theodor Meron, Visiting Professor of International Law at the University of Oxford and Honorary Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford. The workshop is for early career researchers, including doctoral students and independent researchers, working on topics and themes addressed by Judge Meron in his career as a lawyer, academic, and judge. These topics and themes may include, amongst others, issues relating to sources of international law, notably treaties and custom, international humanitarian law and international criminal law, human rights law, international institutional law, and literature and law, as well as questions relating to the international judicial function. Abstracts of no more than 400 words together with a short resumé should be submitted by 17 April 2024 to {at} gmail(.)com (please indicate ‘Meron workshop abstract’ in the subject line). If selected, participants will then be asked to circulate a draft of the paper, which can still be rough/in progress, by 1 June 2024. We should be able to assist with accommodation and travel costs up to £250.

2. Chatham House: Surviving in Conflict Event. Civilians continue to bear the brunt of armed conflicts. As hostilities are increasingly waged in urban areas, civilians have been caught up in fighting in Gaza, Ukraine, and Sudan. To alleviate suffering, there have been calls in these conflicts to establish arrangements, including notifications, evacuations, humanitarian corridors, and suspensions of hostilities, devised to spare civilians from the effects of hostilities and to facilitate humanitarian relief operations. However, to ensure their effectiveness, there needs to be a common understanding around what they are, what they entail operationally, and the interplay between arrangements and the rules of international humanitarian law (IHL). Panellists will discuss how arrangements can contribute to the protection of civilians caught in hostilities and facilitate the delivery of humanitarian assistance. This event will be hosted on 24 April 2024 – 5:00pm to 6:30pm UK time at Chatham House and online. To register your attendance, register online or email Internationallaw {at} chathamhouse(.)org.

3. Call for Papers: Western Sahara Research Group – Third Annual Conference (2024). The Third Annual Conference of the Western Sahara Research Group is sponsored by the Centre for European and International Legal Affairs and will be held on 11 September 2024 at Queen Mary, University of London. This event will be organised via several thematic panels with a view to interrogating Western Sahara’s international status and its significance from the vantage points of public international law and the law and policy of the European Union. The Conference is open to senior and junior scholars, as well as practitioners and members of International Organisations (and NGOs) working in the areas of public international law and/or European Union law. The Organisers invite anybody wishing to participate in the 2024 Conference to submit a paper abstract or summary (maximum 500 words) addressing for one or more of the following themes: (1) Western Sahara, Self-determination, and Human Rights; (2) Western Sahara and the European Union; (3) Western Sahara and International Economic Law; and (4) Western Sahara in International Politics. Conference paper abstracts must be sent via email to Stephen Allen accompanied by a working title and four key words by 19 July. The Research Group is currently editing a collection of essays entitled Western Sahara and International Law: Fifty Years after the ICJ Advisory Opinion (Brill, 2025). The book’s publication is planned to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the ICJ’s Western Sahara Advisory Opinion. Contributors to the 2024 Conference – along with participants from the Group’s earlier annual conferences – are invited to submit full papers for consideration in connection with this publishing project. Further details can be obtained from the Organisers via the above email address.

4. Solange 50th Anniversary Conference: Constitutionalism Beyond the State and the Role of Domestic Constitutional Courts. This conference will take place on 30 – 31 May 2024 at WZB Berlin, organized by Mattias Kumm, Kriszta Kovács and Andrej Lang. Fifty years after the German Federal Constitutional Court rendered one of its most influential decisions, the Conference will revisit Solange I and critically (re-)assess its historical context, its legacy, and its significance today. Registration deadline is 15 May 2024. More information can be found here.

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