Announcements: CfP Tsinghua China Law Review; Sustainable Development and the Law Conference; Centre for Environmental Law Webinar; CfS International Trade and Business Law Review; Racism and Law in Europe Conversation Series

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1. Call for Papers: Tsinghua China Law Review – History of China and International Law. Tsinghua China Law Review is the first all-English legal academic journal published by a university and run by students autonomously in mainland China. Since its inception in 2008, the journal has been committed to promoting academic discussions on Chinese legal issues at a global level. In December 2021, the journal will publish the first issue of Volume 14, and they are now inviting original articles discussing the “History of Chinese and International Law” from legal scholars and legal practitioners. Other original articles on Chinese legal issues are also welcome. For more information, see here

2. ESIL Interest Group Conference: Sustainable Development and the Law. Potential and Challenges of Using Behavioural Insights. On 23 – 24 September 2021, the ESIL Interest Group on Social Sciences and International Law will hold an online conference on “Sustainable Development and the Law. Potential and Challenges of Using Behavioural Insights”. The program is here and registration is here. This conference brings together researchers from different disciplines including law, psychology, political science, and economics to explore the potential of using behavioural insights in law and policy-making to promote sustainable development, as well as how to overcome the challenges associated with it. Keynotes by Anne van Aaken and Arden Rowell.

3. Centre for Environmental Law Webinar: What the History of Nature Conservation Law Tells Us About Ecological Futures: a Non-Euclidean Vision of the Anthropocene. The Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University in Sydney Australia is holding the second webinar of the Session 2 Law and Nature Dialogue Webinar Series. Prof. Liz Fisher, Professor of Environmental Law at Corpus Christi College and the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, will deliver her talk titled “What the History of Nature Conservation Law Tells Us About Ecological Futures: a Non-Euclidean Vision of the Anthropocene” on 15 of September at 5:00pm AEST. Dr Michelle Lim will chair the event. For more details about Prof. Liz Fisher’s webinar, please see the events section of the website. To register to receive the zoom link, click here.

4. Call for Submissions: International Trade and Business Law Review. The International Trade and Business Law Review (‘ITBLR’) invites submissions for publication in Volume XXIII of the ITBLR in 2021. ITBLR publishes peer reviewed articles, case notes and commentaries in international trade and commerce as well as in global governance and regulation. The new deadline for submission is 30 September 2021. For any queries, email ITBLR @ See here for fuller details of the journal and call for submissions.

5. Racism and Law in Europe: A Conversation Series – Amsterdam Centre for European Studies (ACES), University of Amsterdam. The Black Lives Matter protests across European cities opened up a wider public discussion on racism and racial discrimination in Europe. One issue prominently raised, was that of the role of law in Europe in justifying, enabling, or even constituting racialized violence. Yet, despite the ubiquity of the concept of racial discrimination in European laws, as a conceptual category of critical inquiry, race is conspicuously absent in much of the European legal discourse. This is surprising, given the long legacies and continued persistence of racist ideologies in e.g., labour, immigration, family, and citizenship law. The monthly ACES conversation series Racism and Law in Europe aims to offer a space for academic and practise-oriented reflections on how law is implicated in racializing subjects in today’s Europe. The series will also discuss law’s potential in responding to racial discrimination, or even reversing structural racism. The conversation series will be held on zoom and kicked off on 22 September 2021 by Ratna Kapur on “’Belief’ in Rights, Islamophobia and the Politics of the Veil”. For more information and to register for the series see here

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