Announcements: CfP German Yearbook of International Law; International Law and the Problems With High Seas Fishing Lecture; CfA Secondary Sanctions Conference; CfS The Military Law and the Law of War Review; CfP Asian Association of Law Professors; CfM Kathmandu School of Law Review; Pathways to Adaptation for Conservation Law Webinar; Trade Deals & Human Rights Monitoring Discussion; CfA Gender, Peace, Education and International Law

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1. Call for Papers: The German Yearbook of International Law. The deadline for submissions of general articles for volume 64 (2021) of the German Yearbook of International Law has been extended to 1 October 2021. Submissions are open for articles on all topics and fields of interest that are relevant to public international law. Papers submitted should be in English, be between 10,000-12,500 words (inclusive of footnotes), and must conform with the house style of the GYIL (which is available on their website). Submissions, including a brief abstract, statement of affiliation, and confirmation of exclusive submission, should be sent by 1 October 2021 to the Assistant Editor of the GYIL via e-mail: yearbook {at} wsi(.) More information can be found here or via the website of the Walther Schücking Institute for International Law. 

2. Essex Public International Law Lecture Series: International Law and the Problems With High Seas Fishing. The Convenors of the Essex Public International Law Lecture Series (Dr Meagan Wong and Dr Emily Jones) are hosting a lecture by Osvaldo Urrutia, Lecturer, Universidad Católica de Valparaíso and senior legal adviser on fisheries and ocean affairs, Government of Chile, entitled ‘International law and the problems with high seas fishing – the future ahead’, chaired by Dr Meagan Wong on Thursday 3 June at 12pm BST. The lecture will be via Zoom. Register here. For more details see here. To sign up for other events in the series, see here.

3. Call for Abstracts: Secondary Sanctions Conference. On Thursday 2 and Friday 3 December 2021, the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute (GRILI) and the Utrecht Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe (RENFORCE) will host a two-day international conference on secondary sanctions. The conference seeks to explore both the international legal framework governing such sanctions and the potential remedies to challenge them, as well as how these measures may shape the international legal order. In addition, the organizers are inviting legal scholars in an earlier stage of their academic career to submit an abstract to participate in a panel dedicated to ‘emerging voices’. Abstracts (of 500 words max) must be submitted by e-mail to a.s.hofer {at} uu(.)nl before 30 June 2021 and should be accompanied by a brief CV. Further information on the Call for Abstracts, as well as a provisional conference programme, can be found here.

4. Call for Submissions: The Military Law and the Law of War Review. The Editorial Board of The Military Law and the Law of War Review / Revue de Droit Militaire et de Droit de la Guerre (MLLWR) invite submissions for the upcoming Volume 59 Issue 2, due for publication in late 2021. The Review’s editorial board welcomes submissions that come within the broader scope of the Review, including military law, law of armed conflict, law on the use of force, as well as international criminal law and human rights law (inasmuch as related to situations of armed conflict). The deadline for submission is 15 June 2021. Submissions after this date will be considered for Volume 60. Submissions should be sent to mllwr {at} ismllw(.)org. Articles should normally not be longer than 15,000 words (footnotes included), although longer pieces may exceptionally be considered. Inquiries as to whether a possible submission comes within the scope of the Review can be sent to the above email address. 

5. Call for Papers: Asian Association of Law Professors (AALP) – 2nd International Conference. AALP is a not-for-profit consortium of institutions and individuals from all around the world connected to Asia. With the successful completion of the 1st Conference of AALP on Realising Asian Century: Understanding International Law and Governance in 2019 in Kathmandu, AALP is hoisting its 2nd Conference in 2021 through virtual medium on the theme “Asia’s Role in Changing Legal and Social Order Post Covid 19”. For the call for papers and abstract submissions, see here. Last date to submit an abstract is 30 May 2021.

6. Call for Manuscripts: Kathmandu School of Law Review – Volume 9 Issue 1 and 2. The Kathmandu School of Law Review invites submissions for its Issue 1 and 2 for Volume 9. The submissions can be articles and papers on legal, social, cultural, political and international relation academia in the region. Visit the website to acquire information on how to submit to the review, or check out the Facebook page. For queries, write to

7. Biodiversity Law and Governance Webinar Series: Pathways to Adaptation for Conservation Law. The Centre for Environmental Law, Macquarie University is hosting the Biodiversity Law and Governance webinar series: The Law & Nature Dialogues. On Thursday 27 May (1pm AEST/Sydney Time) Professor Jan McDonald will discuss: “Pathways to adaptation for conservation law.” Jan McDonald is Professor of Environmental and Climate Law at the University of Tasmania. Her work examines the role of law in promoting adaptation to climate change impacts and managing the research, development and deployment of climate intervention technologies. Professor McDonald has served as a member of the Tasmanian Climate Action Council. She was a Contributing Author to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report. Please see here to register for the event. 

8. Chatham House Panel Discussion: Building Trust in Trade Deals – is Human Rights Monitoring the Answer? This panel discussion will take place via Zoom on Thursday 27 May 2021 16.00 – 17.15 BST. Register for this event here. The recent signing of the EU-China Investment Agreement has reignited arguments about trade and human rights. At this panel event, which marks the launch of a new Chatham House research paper, participants explore the arguments in favour of more robust human rights monitoring systems and why effective monitoring mechanisms have proved so difficult to get up and running in this context. Full details and registration here. Event Contact: Jacqueline Rowe – jrowe {at} chathamhouse(.)org.

9. Call for Abstracts: Symposium on Gender, Peace, Education and International Law. The LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security is proposing a symposium where participants can think through the linkages between the complex areas of gender, peace, education (peace education) and international law. This symposium forms part of an ERC funded project, titled Gendered Peace, led by Professor Christine Chinkin. It will take place during the week of 25 October 2021. Abstracts are invited from a range of disciplines. Papers might address peace, education, gender and international law or only touch on a combination of two or three, but adopting a feminist approach. Some areas of inquiry might include: historical examples of peace education, ‘Education in Emergencies’, education in refugee camps, the nexus between human rights education and peace education, the work of UNESCO, theoretical approaches to peace education, the Women, Peace and Security agenda, ‘women and girls’ in peace education and domestic vs international peace education perspectives. The deadline for submissions is 18 June 2021. For more information, see here

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