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1. Call for Papers: Whataboutism, Reciprocity, Double Standards – Towards a Theory of Fairness in International Organizations. On Thursday 31 August the ESIL Interest Group on International Organizations is organising a workshop at the 2023 ESIL Annual Conference in Aix-en-Provence. Abstracts should be between 500 and 600 words, and be submitted, alongside a short biography of 200 words maximum in the same document, to igioesil[@] The deadline for submission of the abstract is Friday 21 April 2023. Participants will be expected to submit an extended abstract of 3,000 words ahead of the Conference. More information can be found here.

2. Call for Papers: Revista Tribuna Internacional Law Journal Volume 12, Issue 23 (June 2023). The Revista Tribuna Internacional Law Journal is an academic publication of the International Law Department of the University de Chile’s Law School. The Journal appears online twice a year (June and December) and is available for open access. The Journal’s primary goal is to promote the study, debate, analysis and communication of international law pluralistically and scientifically rigorously. This call for submissions is open to unpublished articles and monographs, case-law comments and book reviews in the fields of international public law, international private law, international human rights law, international relations and related topics. They receive works written in Spanish and English. Article submissions should be of 8,000-9,000 words, case notes of 5,000-6,000 words and book reviews of 2,000-3,000 words. All submissions must comply with the guidelines here. Contributions that have already been published or that are under consideration for publication in other journals will not be considered. The deadline for submissions is 30 April 2023. The last issue, number 22 (second semester, 2022), can be seen here.

3. International Law at Westminster Panel on Understanding State Organs’ Activities on Social Media under International Law. On 4 April 5.30pm, at Westminster Law School, room 2.05C, the International Law at Westminster (ILaW) research cluster will host a panel on Understanding State Organs’ Activities on Social Media under International Law, with Professor James Green (UWE, Bristol) and Associate Professor Alessandra Annoni (University of Ferrara). Dr Marco Longobardo (University of Westminster) will chair the event. More information and free registration are available here.

4. Intensive Course on European and International Human Rights Standards in Disaster Settings (EIHRSDS) at the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa. The course (which has reached its III edition) will take place on 26–30 June 2023 and is organized in the framework of a Jean Monnet Module exploring the theory and practice of human rights protection in disaster scenarios. It is intended for graduate and post-graduate students, academics and practitioners working on disaster-management issues. Deadlines for application are: 9 May 2023 (I Round) and 6 June 2023 (II Round). For more information and to apply, see here and here.

5. Call for Submissions: Cambridge International Law Journal. The Editorial Board of the Cambridge International Law Journal  invites submissions for Volume 12(2) to be published in December 2023 on the theme ‘Language in International Law’. The Board invites articles (6,000–12,000 words, inclusive of footnotes) and case notes that engage with current themes in international law, as well as book reviews on recently published works. This issue will build upon the 12th Annual Cambridge International Law Conference (24–25 April 2023), but is open to submissions from all authors including those who are not presenting or participating in the Conference. Submissions can be made at any time. Articles submitted by 12 May 2023 will be considered for Volume 12 Issue 2. For full submission instructions, see here. Submissions may be made for Volume 12(2) here. Alternatively, blog articles, assessed on a rolling basis, may be submitted here. Further information can be obtained from the Editors-in-Chief at editors {at}

6. International Law Colloquium of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies for Spring 2023. The schedule for the International Law Colloquium of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies for Spring 2023 is now available. The International Law Colloquium is a platform to discuss recent or ongoing innovative research in international law. The presentations at the Colloquium reflect the diversity of topics of, and approaches to, international law. Recent speakers include Anne Orford, Philip Allott, Eyal Benvenisti, Ian Hurd, Jutta Brunnée, B.S.Chimni, Martti Koskenniemi and Horatia Muir Watt. For more information, see here.

7. Call for Papers: Reforms at United Nations. This book, jointly edited by Prof (Dr) Vesselin Popovski and Pawan Kumar, is to be published in October 2023. The book attempts to address much-needed reforms at the United Nations, more particularly Security Council in a global hegemonic world. In 2022, the United Nations completed 75 years and the permanent membership remains the same as it was in 1945. The book seeks to answer questions such as veto powers, wars, human rights violations, voices of small States, climate change, migration and the role the United Nations as a world body can play. Apart from it, the book would also include issues on the global south, imperialism and the United Nations. For more information, see here.

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