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1. Call for Abstracts: Seminar on The Challenges of International Law – Making for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies. Essex Law School is inviting scholars, practitioners, and experts in the field of international law to submit abstracts (400 words max) for the upcoming seminar on “The Challenges of International Law-Making for the Use of Information and Communication Technologies”. The seminar will be held — with the financial support of the Modern Law Review — at the University of Essex on Tuesday 12 December 2023, and it will offer a platform for in-depth discussions on the critical issues surrounding the governance of information and communication technologies in the contemporary world.  The deadline to submit abstracts (via e-mail to antonio.coco {at} is Tuesday 31 October at 23:59, London time. The organizers will provide funding for travel and accommodation expenses to the selected participants. Early-career researchers are particularly encouraged to apply. After the seminar, authors will have the opportunity to submit full-length papers to the Modern Law Review for peer review. More information is available here.
2. Call for Abstracts: Yearbook of International Disaster Law. The call for abstracts for the sixth issue of the Yearbook of International Disaster Law, edited by Brill, is now out. The Yearbook welcomes abstracts related to both its Thematic section on Technology and disasters’ and its ‘General section’ on any implications for international law arising from disaster scenarios. Deadline by 30 November 2023 with abstracts between 300 and 500 words to be sent to info {at} yearbookidl(.)org together with a short cv. 

3. Call for Participants: Writing and Publishing in the Law of the ECHR – A Workshop for Early Career Researchers. Essex Law School (University of Essex) and the Academy for European Human Rights Protection (University of Cologne) are organising a workshop about “Writing and Publishing in the Law of the ECHR – A Workshop for Early Career Researchers”. The workshop will take place on 26 February 2024. The workshop consists of four panels and an optional group discussion. The panels aim to answer the following questions: How to write articles in the Law of the ECHR? Which methodologies are to applied in the Law of the ECHR? What kind of articles are editors interested in? What do judges or members of other organs of the Council of Europe read? How to bring legal research to the attention of the European Court of Human Rights? The workshop is addressed to Early Career Researchers (broadly understood). The call for participants and further information can be found here. The deadline is 15 December 2023.
4. Hablemos de Derecho Internacional (HDI) – The International Legal Podcast (Spanish). HDI recently added the following episodes in Spanish: #109: Lorena Zenteno – Transición justa: litigios climáticos en medio de un proceso de transición energética; #110: Gael Sánchez Smith -BITCOIN; #111: Dr. Juan José Borrell – Geopolítica y Alimentos; #112: Dr. James Graham – La ejecución de laudos arbitrales; #113: Prof. Juan Pablo Rodríguez D. – Introducción al Derecho Marítimo; #114: Dra. Fernanda Cobo – Vacunas: Responsabilidad Internacional de las Farmacéuticas; #115: Elsa Fernando – Marco jurídico internacional de la trata de personas; #116: Una conversación con Chat GPT sobre derecho internacional y el sistema internacional; #117: Prof. Carlos Espósito – Opinión Consultiva: Corte Internacional de Justicia; #118: Patricia Tarre Moser – Solicitud de Opinión Consultiva a CIDH – Cambio Climático; #119: Carlos A. Cruz Carrillo – Opinión Consultiva: Cambio Climático y el Tribunal Internacional del Derecho del Mar; #120: Pedro Cisterna Gaete – La Financiación Climática; #121: Dr. José Gustavo Prieto Muñoz – Comisiones de Reclamaciones: caso México; #122: Embajador Mario J.A. Oyarzábal – La Comisión de Derecho Internacional; #123: Ninoska Durán Burgoa – Pederastia en Bolivia; and, #124: Facundo D. Rodríguez – Las Malvinas entre el Derecho y la Historia. The Podcast is available on the main platforms: SpotifyApple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts, or through other podcast applications by searching “Hablemos de Derecho Internacional”. Updated information about the guests and episodes can be found on their website, or on HDI’s social media accounts: LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.
5. Call for Papers: Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, American University Washington College of Law. The Human Rights Essay Award is an annual competition sponsored by the Academy, which seeks to stimulate the production of academic articles in the field of international human rights law. The topic of the 2024 Award is “Protection and Assurance of Human Rights in Digital Environments”. Participants have the flexibility to choose any subject related to this topic, however, the scope of the essay must directly relate to this year’s topic. International human rights law can be understood to include international humanitarian law and international criminal law for this purpose. There will be two winners, one for submissions in English and one for submissions in Spanish. The prize is a full tuition scholarship to the 2024 Program of Advanced Studies on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law for either the Diploma or Certificate of Attendance options (travel, housing and per diem living expenses are not included) which will take place from 28 May – 14 June 2024. The best articles may also be published in the American University International Law Review. The deadline to enter submissions  is 1 February 2024. This competition is open to all lawyers around the world but ONLY lawyers: only candidates who have already obtained their first law degree are eligible. For further information, see here or email  humanrightsessay {at} wcl(.)
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