Announcements: Cambridge International Law Conference; UN Audiovisual Library of International Law; CfA Manchester International Law Centre; International Economic Law Focus Doctorate; JUFIL and GRILI Conference; CfP Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies; New Blog on International Economic Law Matters in Africa; CfP Eighth PEPA/SIEL Conference; RECONNECT Workshop

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1. 8th Annual Cambridge International Law Conference 2019. Registration for the 2019 Cambridge International Law Conference taking place at the Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge on the 20 and 21 of March 2019 is now open. To register, please see here. For further information, see here.  

2. New Additions to the UN Audiovisual Library of International Law. The Codification Division of the Office of Legal Affairs recently added the following lectures to the Lecture Series of the United Nations Audiovisual Library of International Law (AVL) website: Ms. María Teresa Infante Caffi on “The Antarctic under international law“ (in Spanish) and Ms. Leila Nadya Sadat on “Interpreting the Statute of the International Criminal Court“. The Audiovisual Library is also available as an audio podcast, which can be accessed through the preinstalled applications in Apple or Google devices, through Soundcloud or through the podcast application of your preference by searching “Audiovisual Library of International Law”. The UN Audiovisual Library of International Law provides high quality international law training and research materials to users around the world free of charge.

3. Call for Applications: Manchester International Law Centre. The Manchester International Law Centre (MILC) is holding its first Emerging Scholars Workshop on 25 June 2019 in Manchester. The aim of the Workshop is to bring together a carefully selected group of eight doctoral students. During the workshop, the participants will receive tailored feedback on their research project through closed roundtable discussions with Jean d’Aspremont, Iain Scobbie and John Haskell. In addition to the roundtable discussions, the event will also include sessions on publishing in international law and how to prepare for a job interview and compose postdoc applications. Applicants are expected to be at an advanced stage of their PhD studies and must be focusing their doctoral research on a question related to international law, international legal practice, and/or international legal theory. Abstracts of no more than 500 words and a one-page CV should be submitted to isil.aral {at} by 15 March 2019. The subject line of the email must read “MILC PhD Workshop” followed by the surname of the author. For more details see: MILC Emerging Scholars Workshop.

4. 2 Year Post-Doctoral Fellowing (International Economic Law Focus). CIL invites applications for a Post-Doctoral Fellowship position with a focus on international economic law, commencing in Academic Year 2019/20.  We seek applications from those with expertise in international investment law, international trade  law, or other areas of international  economic  law. Applications are particularly sought from those with or interested  in  developing  a  research  interest  in  interdisciplinary  fields  and  those  looking  at  the interaction of investment law and/or international trade with issues related to cybersecurity, development, environment,  or technology. Of special  interest  are  applicants  who  are  interested  in  the  Asia-Pacific region. For more details, please see here

5. JUFIL and GRILI Conference Focusing on Military Assistance on Request. On Thursday 5 and Friday 6 December 2019, the Journal on the Use of Force and International Law (JUFIL) and the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute (GRILI) will host an international conference focusing on ‘military assistance on request’. Having regard to recent third-State interventions in Yemen, Syria and elsewhere, the conference seeks to explore the legal framework governing such interventions, including relevant uncertainties and shortcomings as well as proposals de lege ferenda. Separate expert panels will be devoted to the ‘authority’ to invite outside intervention, on the one hand, and the permissibility of third-State intervention in situations of civil war, on the other hand. In addition, the organizers are inviting promising scholars in an earlier stage of their academic career to submit an abstract for a dedicated ‘emerging voices’ panel. Abstracts are due by 15 March 2019, and you can find all information here. The conference is co-organized by Tom Ruys (Ghent University), Chris Henderson (University of Sussex), James Green (University of Reading) and Frederik Dhondt (Free University of Brussels). More information will be posted as soon as possible.

6. Call for Papers: The Fourth Northern European Conference on Emergency and Disaster Studies in Uppsala 10 – 12 June 2019. The NEEDS 2019 conference aims to explore the challenges of crisis and disaster research and intervention in an interdisciplinary perspective. The thematic focus of the conference is Nature, Society, and Scale. Our panel welcomes proposals on ‘Governance, Law, and Policy’. Please go to the NEEDS 2019 website to see our Call for PapersThe Call for Papers will close on Friday 22 February 2019 17:00 CET. If you would like more information please contact Christy ( or Marie (

7. New Blog Specializing on International Economic Law Matters as they Relate to Africa. Afronomicslaw, a blog specializing on international economic law matters as they relate to Africa was launched this week. The blog will complement the growing and important voice of scholars interested in international economic law with a focus on Africa. It will also offer policy makers, practitioners and others interested in these issues a forum to insightfully engage and reflect on developments on international economic law more contemporaneously. The blog will host featured symposiums on topical themes and on books. It will also highlight relevant news and forthcoming events. The first feature symposium on the blog was on a new trade treaty in Africa – the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The inaugural contributor to the AfCFTA symposium was Dr. David Luke, the Coordinator of the African Trade Policy Center of the Economic Commission, (ECA), in Addis Ababa. The ECA provides support for AfCFTA negotiations at the request of the African Union Summit. David Luke’s post makes the case for the AfCFTA. Other posts in that inaugural symposium include a post on the implications of AfCFTA on ongoing reforms of international investment law in the SADC region, and another on the extent to which the AfCFTA addresses informal cross border trade

8. Call for Papers: Society of International Economic Law and King’s College London, Eighth PEPA/SIEL Conference. SIEL’s Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics Network (PEPA/SIEL) and King’s College London are pleased to announce that the eighth PEPA/SIEL Conference will take place on 30 – 31 May in London. We invite graduate students (enrolled in Master or PhD programmes) and early professionals/academics (generally within five years of graduating) to submit papers on any IEL topic. One or more senior practitioners and academics will comment on each paper after its presentation, followed by a general discussion. More information, including the process for submissions by 8 February, can be found here

9. RECONNECT Workshop: Re-conceptualizing Authority and Legitimacy in the EU – New Architectures and Procedures to Reconnect the Union with its Citizens. The event will be held on  1 February 2019, from 9:00 to 17:30 at the LUISS Guido Carli University, Viale Romania 32, Rome, 00197 in the “Toti” room. For more information, see here.  

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