Announcements: Workshop on Imputation in Macrocriminal Conduct ~ Book Series on International Investment Law

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1. On 5th of July the Department for Foreign and International Criminal Law of the Gerog-August-University of Göttingen will hold a workshop on the imputation of macrocriminal conduct (empirical, theoretical and comparative aspects). The workshop will deal with the increasing practical importance of decentralized and supranational prosecutions of international crimes, which make a more principled system of imputation (attribution) of macrocriminal conduct more necessary than ever. While such a system may borrow its main elements and structures from domestic criminal law it must develop into an autonomous sui generis system duly taking  into account the particularities of macrocriminal as compared to ordinary criminal conduct. But what are these “particularities” from an empirical and theoretical perspective? And how do they play out in imputation as generally understood in criminal law theory? And how do they influence fundamental questions of imputation such as problems of causation, the forms of participation and subjective imputation? These are but a few, perhaps the “big” questions of a theory of imputation in international criminal law (ICL) which still needs to be developed. Further information is available at the website of the department:

2. Martinus Nijhoff announces the launch of a new book series on International Investment Law. The Series covers international investment law in a relatively broad sense, including the following areas: interaction between domestic law and international investment law, public and private law approaches to international investment law, standards of treatment, international investment arbitration, responsibility and accountability of multinational companies, regionalism in international investment law, and foreign investment and sustainable development. The series editors are : Eric De Brabandere (Leiden University), Tarcisio Gazzini (VU University Amsterdam), Stephan Schill (Max Planck Institute) and Attila Tanzi (University of Bologna).Proposals may be submitted to Senior Acquisitions Editor Marie Sheldon at Sheldon {at} brill(.)com.


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