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An Update on the Sadurski Saga

Readers might be interested in recent developments with regard to the legal proceedings brought against Prof…

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Wiley and the European Law Journal

  It is, we believe, unprecedented that both Editors-in-Chief and the entire Editorial and Scientific Advisory Board of a learned journal should resign en masse in protest at…

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What a Journal Makes: As we say goodbye to the European Law Journal

  On January 31st, the Editorial and Advisory Boards of the European Law Journal resigned en masse from their positions in protest after the publisher, Wiley, decided that…

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JHH Weiler, Co-Editor in Chief, in Conversation with Professor Wojciech Sadurski

One of the more ‘elegant’ ways of restricting freedom of political speech and academic freedom is to use libel and defamation laws. It has increasingly become the weapon…

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Academic Freedom Under Pressure

  Contemporary threats to academic freedom are global, diverse and mounting. The ICNL-commissioned report Closing Academic Space published in March found “repressive and potentially repressive…

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Turkey’s Military Operation in Syria: A Freedom of Expression Perspective

There is no doubt that Turkey’s use of force in Syria and the unfolding consequences thereof should generate much legal debate and analysis. The legal issues are broad.

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