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Crimea and the Limits of International Law

The situation in Crimea has left many an international lawyer in shock. It seems to transport us back to past times when the superpowers did what they pleased…

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Intervention with the Consent of a Deposed (but Legitimate) Government? Playing the Sierra Leone card.

The most dramatic moment at Monday’s Security Council meeting on Ukraine came when the Russian representative, Vitaly Churkin, produced a letter, purportedly from ousted Ukrainian President Victor…

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Appeal from the Ukrainian Association of International Law

The Ukrainian Association of International Law has issued an analysis of recent events in the Ukrainian. An English translation of this analysis and appeal is included below. I am told that…

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The Crisis in Ukraine and the Prohibition of the Use of Force: A Legal Basis for Russia’s Intervention?

The European continent is currently witnessing the most severe security crises since the tragic events surrounding the dissolution of the Republic of Yugoslavia. The post will discuss the…

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