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The International Criminal Court Independent Expert Review: questions of accountability and culture

The Independent Expert Review of the International Criminal Court commissioned by the ICC Assembly of State Parties (ASP) reported on 30 September 2020.* (Final report…

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Interests of Justice? The ICC urgently needs reforms

The demands for an “independent evaluation” through a small group of experts, formulated by four former presidents of the Assembly of State Parties of the International Criminal…

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Whither the Aspirational ICC, Welcome the ‘Practical’ Court?

What is the promise of the International Criminal Court (ICC)? What do we, as observers, scholars, and constructive critics of the Court, believe that the ICC should do…

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Reforming the International Criminal Court: Is it Time for the Assembly of State Parties to be the adults in the room?

The self-inflicted misfortunes of the International Criminal Court continue. The recent Pre-Trial Chamber decision not to authorise the opening of an investigation in Afghanistan has already generated considerable…

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