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We area delighted to announce additions to the EJIL:Talk! team. From this month, we welcome three new Contributing Editors (well, 2 brand new contributing editors and one who is returning to the team):

Freya Baetens is Professor of Public International Law at the University of Oslo and affiliated with the Europa Institute at the Faculty of Law, Leiden University. As a member of the PluriCourts Centre at Oslo, she works on an interdisciplinary research project evaluating the legitimacy of international courts and tribunals.  Freya has acted as counsel or expert in international and European disputes and is listed on the Panel of Arbitrators and Conciliators of the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the South China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration) and the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC). She is a member of the Executive Council of the Society of International Law (SIEL).

Michael Fakhri is an Associate Professor at the University of Oregon School of Law where he teaches in the areas of international economic law, commercial law, and food and agriculture. He is a faculty member of the Environmental and Natural Resource Program where he co-leads the Food Resiliency Project .  His current research focuses on questions of food sovereignty, indigenous sovereignty, and agroecology – all in an effort to work through legal accounts of imperialism, race, and capitalism. Professor Fakhri’s other research interests include Third World Approaches to International Law (TWAIL) and international legal history. 

Douglas Guilfoyle, Associate Professor of International and Security Law at the University of New South Wales, Canberra returns to the blog as a Contributing Editor, having served in a similar capacity from 2012 to 2013. He was previously a Professor of Law at Monash University, Reader in Law at University College London, and has worked as a judicial associate in the Australian Federal Court and the Australian Administrative Appeals Tribunal. He has also practised as a commercial litigation solicitor in Sydney. His principal areas of research are maritime security, the international law of the sea, and international and transnational criminal law. Particular areas of specialism include maritime law-enforcement, the law of naval warfare, international courts and tribunals, and the history of international law. His research work is informed by his consultancy to various government and international organisations

The three new Contributing Editors will join Professors Monica Hakimi, Lorna McGregor and Anthea Roberts who will remain on the editorial team. 

Rotating off the team of Contributing Editors are Professors Anne Peters, Christian Tams and Andreas Zimmermann. We are greatly appreciative of their service to the blog over the past few years. The quality and quantity of their contributions have been of great significance. We hope that they will continue to contribute posts to the blog.

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Patrick S. O'Donnell says

March 19, 2019

For selfish reasons, I am particularly heartened to learn that Michael Fakhri will be joining the group (with no comparative disrespect or diminution of significance implied with regard to the additions of Professors Baetens and Guilfoyle), as his areas of specialization are virtually identical to my closest political concerns and research interests (including several bibliographies I have compiled). These are domains of inquiry and research in international law that need far more attention (for reasons I hope are obvious; if not, I trust Professor Fakhri will apprise of the salient warrants).

Michael Fakkhri says

April 1, 2019

Dear Patrick - thank your for your kind response. It is very generous, and now I feel some pressure! I look forward to hearing from you as I eventually start posting. Warm regards --- Michael

Aditya Roy says

April 1, 2019

Dear Michael - Can we get a post on Bandung and history of International law.

Mona Pinchis-Paulsen says

April 4, 2019

Dear Michael, many congratulations. Please allow me to second a request that you have a blog series on your latest book!