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A Preview of a Prequel: Roger O’Keefe’s Inaugural Lecture

Published on December 30, 2015        Author: 
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Early in the New Year, we will have the pleasure of posting Roger O’Keefe’s inaugural lecture,roger-okeefe delivered earlier month, at University College London. In the lecture, “Curriculum Vitae. A Prequel“,  Roger:

 “tease[s] out some recurrent international legal problems through the story of the life and opinions of D. H. G. H.-G. Salamander, lesser highly qualified publicist and minor poet”.

animal-reptile-salamander-north-american-salamander-610x340The lecture is very much in the vein of Roger’s masterful piece: “Once upon a time there was a gap” from about 5 years ago. It is a wonderfully written piece that will have you laughing out loud. Watch out for the cameo appearances made by real life academics (departed and still living – including editors of blogs) as well as judges. The genius of the piece lies in the fact that as much as it is a humorous piece, it is also a most thoughtful piece about international law theory and methodology. It should cause readers to reflect on issues like the role and function of international law (and indeed of international lawyers). Those of you who enjoyed “Once upon A time there was a gap” will surely enjoy this new piece. I would encourage you to re-read the earlier piece to whet the appetite. Those who have not enjoyed the previous piece, well, that can only be because you have not yet read it. So you should also read that earlier piece and look out for the tale about D. H. G. H.-G. Salamander!

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