A Note on Peer Reviewing; 2023 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize

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A Note on Peer Reviewing

EJIL has published a number of Editorials (see here, here, here and here) on the crucial and still undervalued role of peer review in academic scholarship. Yet our statistics continue to speak clearly about ‘the crisis in peer review’ (referring to our 2012 Editorial): in 2023, 149 colleagues delivered an EJIL review, whilst 138 invited reviewers declined, were unavailable or did not respond. Food for thought and reflection.

That said, the reviews we did receive were often of outstanding quality. We are truly grateful to the very many colleagues who devote their time and energy in seriously engaging with manuscripts under review, offering helpful suggestions and pathways towards improvement.

2023 EJIL Peer Reviewer Prize

The 2023 EJIL Peer Review Prize is awarded to Professor Anne Lagerwall. Professor Lagerwall takes an article on its own terms, thoroughly analyses whether the article lives up to its own ambitions and, if it does not, gives detailed, concrete and constructive suggestions as to how it could do so. Professor Lagerwall is the fifth EJIL Peer Review Prize winner since the Prize was instituted in 2019. She joins our earlier prize winners, Tilmann Altwicker, Megan Donaldson, Leena Grover and Jochen von Bernstorff.

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