A Lot of Activity in the Inter-American Court

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The Inter-American Court of Human Rights has been very active recently: from hearing a major case on domestic violence; to issuing an advisory opinion on LGBT rights in which it ruled, inter alia (and contrary to the European Court) that the American Convention provides for a right to same-sex marriage, a decision which has polarized public opinion in Costa Rica, in the midst of the presidential election; to another major advisory opinion on environmental protection under the ACHR, including an extensive discussion on the Convention’s extraterritorial application. We will have more detailed coverage of these cases over the next few weeks.

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Priscilla Marina says

February 13, 2018

Linda's case is not about domestic violence. The abuse was not coming from her parther or spouse but from an stranger.

Lucas Lima says

February 13, 2018

If possible, it would be great if the blog also discuss the request of provisional measures that the Inter-American Commission sent to the Inter-American Court on Human Rights in favor of three members of the Ecuadorian Citizens’ Participation Council, that is going to be dismantled after the popular consultation carried out by the President Lenín Moreno. (http://www.oas.org/es/cidh/prensa/comunicados/2018/021.asp)
The request by the Commission was seen by many as completely ideological decision, and the denial of the request by the Court is being celebrated as a act of restraint and respect for democratic deliberation. (http://www.corteidh.or.cr/docs/medidas/edwin_se_01.pdf)