25 Years of EJIL: A Retrospective

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EJILOxford University Press has assembled an online exhibition to commemorate EJIL’s 25th anniversary. The collection includes the following exhibits:

  • The Main Exhibition: A Retrospective anniversary collection of articles published in EJIL over the past 25 years, featuring two articles per volume.
  • Special exhibit 1: An aggregation into one chronological file all the Tables of Contents of EJIL.
  • Special exhibit 2: An aggregation into one file of all the Editorials reflecting different styles and different sensibilities of various editors.
  • Special exhibit 3: Book Review Editor, Isabel Feichtner, has selected 25 book reviews, one for each year, memorable for the book or for the Review.
  • Special exhibit 4: All the Roaming Charges photographs have been aggregated into one file.
  • Special exhibit 5: All the Last Page Poems have been aggregated into one file.
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