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International Law Trivia Questions: Prize Offered! Individual Opinions by All Judges in an International Court of Justice Case – UPDATE WITH ANSWER AND FURTHER UPDATE

Published on September 4, 2012        Author: 

UPDATE: See below for updates with answer to the question posed below and to the further question asked below.

At the end of 2011, I had a series of posts asking some trivia questions regarding the International Court of Justice and international judges in general (see here, here, here, here and here). There seemed to be some interest from readers so over the next few days I will pose a few more trivia questions about international tribunals that might be of interest to readers.

This time around we will be offering a prize. At least one reader who is able to provide the correct answers to all the trivia questions I will be asking over the next week or two will receive a free year long subscription to the European Journal of International Law.

Today, my question is:

In which ICJ case or cases has every judge on the court appended an individual opinion to the Court’s judgment?

By individual opinion, I mean either a separate opinion, a dissenting opinion or a declaration. The questions asks about cases where every judge has appended an opinion so I am including ad hoc judges as well.

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Nada v. Switzerland Judgment Forthcoming

Published on September 3, 2012        Author: 

The Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights will deliver its judgment in the case of Nada v. Switzerland on 12 September. The case concerns the applicant being prohibited from leaving an Italian enclave in Switzerland due to Swiss implementation of UN Security Council anti-terrorism sanctions, including a travel ban. For our previous coverage and a detailed preview of the issues arising in the case, see this post. More commentary will follow.

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